A rich, spicy red that showcases the terroir of Old and New World wine regions

Typical flavors found in Malbec wines

Spicy and full of dark fruit flavors, Malbec has been a great entry to the world of red wines for a whole new generation of budding wine enthusiasts. In the past decade, it has exploded into the collective consciousness of wine drinkers everywhere, and although it was born in southwest France, it is Argentinian Malbec that steals the show. Much like Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel, Malbec had to move to New World vineyards to thrive. 

New World Malbecs are generally softer and less tannic than the Old World examples, but they do still manage to showcase the terroir of their sites. Malbec is a varietal that proves you can't predict where the next great wine might come from.

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