What is Wine Body?

Learn all about wine body, and how to tell the difference between full-body wines and light-body wines

Wine glasses filled with red wine

Wine body is a sensory tasting term used to describe how heavy a wine feels on your palate as a result of viscosity, the measure of a fluid's resistance to flow, and alcohol content. 

Wine body is only one part of the larger mouthfeel of a wine. It is integral to making a balanced wine where no one aspect dominates, but the body does not necessarily indicate a good or bad wine. 

Generally, higher alcohol wines are perceived to have a fuller body, and low alcohol wines are perceived to have lighter bodies. Viscosity also plays into the perception of body, some wines are highly viscous (closer to simple syrup or even honey) and some are not (closer to water). The interplay from these two elements combines to guide our perception of a wine's body.

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